A preeminent supplier to the automotive industry.

With the highest quality certifications and awards from the top automobile makers in the world, we offer a wide range of lamination technology including high-speed precision stamping, aluminum die casting, helical winding, robotic welding, annealing, complex assembly and engineering expertise that will help you choose the optimal motor design. 

Supplying a growing Hybrid/EV market.

Our engineering capabilities and expertise don’t end with traditional vehicles. In fact, we produce laminations for several hybrid/EV applications including belt alternator starters, traction motors, generator motors and high efficiency alternators. 

Hybrid/EV Market Capabilities

• Thin-gauge steel development
• High-frequency material characterization 
• Research and development on effects of manufacturing methods on magnetic performance
• Laser and micro-pulse TIG welding
• Advanced die-casting solutions
• Experience with two-mode hybrid and BAS powertrains
• Manufacturing in the United States, Mexico, India and China


Automotive End Markets

  • Alternators
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Drives
  • Ignitions
  • Sensors & Power Steering
  • Pumps & Cooling
  • Starters 
  • Seats, Window Lift & Wipers

Tempel Automotive Products: From bumper to bumper.


  • Mild Hybrid Motors / Generators
         Start /  Stop Systems
         Belt Alternator Starter Motors
         Integrated Starter Generator
  • Alternators    
         Helically Wound
  • Starter Motors 
  • Ignition
         Coil On Plug
         Pencil Cores
  • Clutch Actuators 
         Double Clutch Technology
  • Turbo Boost Control Actuators 
  • Variable Valve Timing Actuators  
  • Turbochargers / Superchargers
  • Electronic Engine Cooling Motors
  • Radiator Fan Motors
  • Transfer Case Actuators (2 wheel to 4 wheel drive)


  • Power Closures
        Van Side Door Actuators
        Lift Gate Actuators
        Convertible Top Motors
  • Window Lift Motors
  • Sun Roof Motors
  • Power Mirror Adjusters    
  • Sun Roof Motors
  • Power Seat Adjusters / Actuators
  • Seatbelt Retractors    
  • Windshield Wiper Motors
  • Pedal Adjust  Motors
  • Display Screen Adjusters / Actuators
  • A/C Compressor Pump Motor
  • HVAC Blower Motor


  • Electronic Breaking Systems    
  • ABS Vacuum Pump Motors
  • Electronic Stability Control Motors
  • Electronic Power Assisted Steering
  • Suspension Control Motors & Pumps
  • Oil Pump Motors    
  • Coolant Pump Motors
  • Parking Brake Motors
  • Active Power Stabilizer
  • Suspension Systems