Tempel today.

Tempel continues to be a trusted, family-owned business with five manufacturing facilities in China, India, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Our distribution centers are strategically located on the East and West Coasts of the United States to offer our customers logistical support for delivering their products on time. 

Looking toward the future, Tempel is expanding its capabilities and investing in new technology to provide the highest quality electrical steel products to an ever-growing international customer base.

Tempel's International Growth Strategy

1945: Tempel founded in Chicago by Tempel J. Smith (1909-1980)

1984: Steel Services Division established

1996: BCL Magnetics – Canada (acquired)

1998: Tempel de México – Mexico (greenfield plant)

2001: PSW Industries – U.S. (acquired)

2002: Magnetic Metals – U.S., Canada, and Mexico (acquired)

2004: National Laminations – U.S., Mexico, and China (acquired)

2006: Tempel Chennai – India (greenfield plant)

2012: Opening of expanded Tempel Chennai plant