Motor & Generator

Even at over 70 years old, we’re still growing and evolving because performance demands innovation.

Motor and generator laminations are the biggest part of what we do. We can provide laminations for virtually any product that needs a motor. We’ve manufactured laminations for everything from components that power handheld electric shavers to pump motors, HVAC-industrial applications and large, segmented laminations for hydropower plants.

We have an exceptional range of some of the most advanced progressive and large blank & notch Stamping capabilities in the world and are uniquely positioned to handle any production requirements. Tempel also offers critical value-added services such as welding, cleating, die-casting, Deburring and recoating, and Laser Cutting.

Our products can be found in garage door lifts, military vehicles and locomotives, just to name a few. We also service a variety of industries including oil, gas and mining.



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