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Glad tidings | Mr. James Zhang was elected as a member of the 3rd China Steel Plate and Steel Strip Technical Committee

On March 5, 2020, Mr. James Zhang, GM of Tempel(Changzhou), was elected as a member of the 3rd China Steel Plates Sheets and Strips technical committee.

Steel Plates Sheets and Strip technical committee is mainly responsible for setting national and industry standards of Steel Plates and Steel belt for engineering structure (plain carbon structural steel, low alloy and high strength steel, Weathering steel, Hot rolled or cold rolled strip, coated plate, clad steel plate, electrical steel sheets, electromagnet, and various special steel plant in different fields), and revise, review and propose recommendations before publishing as an National Standard. At the same time, it puts forward suggestions on the adjustment and modification of the standard system in this field, and is responsible for the coordination with other relevant standard systems, so as to promote the technological progress and improve product quality of steel plates and belts for engineering structures, and promote the development of foreign economic and technological cooperation and foreign trade.

The member of technical committee was elected under strict conditions. First, the candidate’s expertise must be recognized within the industry. Second, it shall be recommended jointly by several senior professor-level committee members. Third, the candidate must pass the qualification check and vote to be elected.

This is the high recognition of personal visibility and knowledge in James’ Multi-domain achievements of pressure vessel, rock drill tool, Electrochemical corrosion, motor lamination steel. It is also conducive to enhancing Tempel's corporate image and popularity in China, which signifies that Tempel has taken another solid step in the professional field!

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