Automotive & xEV


We’re pushing the limits in developing new technology and applying our unparalleled engineering resources into emerging markets, like electrical vehicles and charging stations in the automotive industry. Tempel has served the automotive industry for decades in such critical applications as electric power steering, antilock braking systems, engine cooling and fuel/oil/water pumps to name a few. We have earned distinction for providing customers with collaborative engineering support from the critical theoretical design phase through serial production launch.
Our automotive experience and early engineering involvement allow our customers to:

  • Reduce product development cycle times,

  • Improve motor efficiency and

  • Reduce overall system cost.


Electric Vehicles (xEV)

We are continuously expanding our manufacturing capabilities globally to meet the increasing demand, enabling xEV manufacturers and Tier 1 organizations to meet their goals and build more powerful, efficient, and cost-effective motors layer by layer.

Traction Motors

Well known for being one of the automotive industry’s leading lamination suppliers, Tempel has built a strong reputation for supplying OEM and Tier 1 light passenger and commercial vehicle hybrid/EV applications. Tempel provides magnetic steel lamination products used in Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-In Hybrid Electric (PHEV), Hybrid Electric (HEV), Hydrogen Fuel Electrical Vehicle (FCEV) and more.

Charging stations

With global supply capabilities, Tempel is supporting the expansion of charging station infrastructures by providing the broadest range of transformer components with our innovative design and engineering of steel transformer magnetic laminations. Our products include distributed gapped cores, slit coils, E&I magnetic laminations, cut-to-length magnetic laminations, and fully assembled step-lap




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