The Tempel Difference

We’re one of the only companies in the world that can partner with you through your product development and testing phase.

Design to Performance

Some of the most critical steps needed to ensure that your finished product meets all performance and cost expectations occurs in the design, prototype and material selection phases.

Our highly experienced team, which consists of experts in sourcing, pricing, engineering, material technology, technical services and all roles in between, partners with you during every step of your project through your entire product development phase. We guarantee that our knowledgeable team will use their industry know-how and access to worldwide resources to ensure your project launches smoothly and on time.

Enhanced Motor Performance

Perhaps you’ve already created your product but want to make it more efficient or cost-effective. Our team of experts can use the latest engineering technology to disassemble and analyze the multifaceted components of your motor to help improve its performance.



Tempel's Progressive Stamping

  • Loose and interlocked/stacked laminations
  • Multi-row tooling
  • Skewing and indexing
  • Quick die change

Customer Advantages 

  • Material savings
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved part quality
  • Lower assembly costs
  • Available at all Tempel manufacturing locations

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