Electrical Steel Laminations Designed for Your Industry

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As demand for sustainable technologies increases, you need an expert partner capable of producing essential components that bolster your industry’s innovation. Tempel’s precision electrical steel laminations are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the rapidly changing industries we serve.


Accelerate growth toward a sustainable future with electrical steel laminations that enhance motor and transformer performance of hybrid and electric vehicles, charging stations, trains, motorcycles, and Heavy Vehicle Off Road (HVOR).


Identify new ways to improve efficiency and performance of motors in  Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, trains, and other transportation methods with Tempel’s reliable motor lamination capabilities.


Tempel has decades of experience delivering laminated steel components for all types of products that require motors, from HVAC and countertop appliances to generators. We’re ready to provide the components you need to power your products.


Discover more cost-effective ways to harness and distribute energy. Tempel is an unmatched partner in transformer lamination applications such as hydropower plants, substations, and dry-type transformers.

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