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Situated in the heart of Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, Tempel Canada is a leading supplier of transformer core products for power conversion and distribution to the Central, Midwest, and Eastern U.S. With 110,000 square feet at our disposal, we can provide a wide range of quality transformer products from a central location, including small stamped transformer lamination components, cut-to-length laminations, distributed gapped cores, slit steel, mitered core logs, and fully assembled mitered cores. 


Customer satisfaction and quality are at the heart of everything we do. Our vertically integrated facility transforms product from wide coil form into final transformer cores, handling the entire process from start to finish, including necessary intermediate processes and final electrical testing. Thanks to our employees' dedication and hard work, we achieve industry-leading delivery times.

Explore Our Burlington Facility

  • Our Specialized Capabilities

    • Annealing
    • Slitting
    • Transformer core assembly
    • Magnetic properties testing
    • Engineering support and resources
  • Our Product and Service Offerings

    • Wound distributed gap cores (Tranco / Unicore)
    • Mitre cut cores
    • Cut-to-length laminations
    • Toroids
    • Slit coil
    • Transformer core lamination
  • Our Facility Specs

    • 110,000 ft2 facility
    • 190 employees
    • High speed light gauge slitter
    • Tranco machines and associated formers
    • Unicore machines
    • Rapid air cutting lines
    • Mitre core cutting machines
    • 25 ton crane capacity

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