Welcome to Tempel Germany

The most recent manufacturing plant added to the global footprint, Tempel Germany. Nestled in the city of Nagold, only 45 minutes southwest of Stuttgart.


Tempel Germany has strong in-house engineering and technical expertise with a product and service portfolio that can meet the automotive and industrial market. Its privileged centralized position offers immediate access to products and services for Europe and other regions of the world. With accessibility to the highway within minutes, the area has developed strong technical and economic education centers that help industrial and automotive develop innovative solutions for their products and markets.


Tempel Germany has more than 10 years of experience with electrical steel laminations specializing in the following. 

Explore Our German Facility

  • Our Specialized Capabilities

    • compacore ®
    •  Stamping 
    • Welding 
    • Assembly
    • Prototyping 
  • Our Product and Service Offerings

    • Automotive and Industrial Customers
    • Service Parts 
  • Our Facility Specs

    • 60,000  ft2 (5574.18 m2) of manufacturing area
    • Employees size 130 employees 

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