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Spanning more than 11 acres, our state-of-the-art Chennai facility has a manufacturing area of 19,000+ square meters (210,000+ ft2). Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, we deliver consistently high-quality products on time, leveraging our global presence to provide the best possible service and delight our customers. Our comprehensive services include precision manufacturing, material sourcing, metallurgical analysis, engineering, prototyping, product design, tooling, and value-added capabilities such as core building, shaft insertion, and ready-to-use rotors. 

Explore Our Chennai Facility

  • Our Specialized Capabilities

    • Annealing 
    • Riveting, welding, and cleating  
    • Slitting 
    • Stator core building and rotor shaft insertion  
    • Die casting and over mold 
    • Aluminum and copper bar insertion  
    • Induction brazing 
    • Dedicated tool room for tool maintenance
    • Miter cut lamination for transformer industry
  • Our Product and Service Offerings

    • EV applications 
    • Industrial motors
    • Motors for white goods
    • Generators and alternators 
    • Pumps
    • Wind generators 
    • Traction motors
    • Elevator motors
  • Our Facility Specs

    • High speed progressive presses
    • Notching presses
    • Blanking + coil line
    • Blanking presses
    • Hydraulic presses for core building
    • Cut-to-length line
    • Miter cut machine
    • Roller hearth annealing furnace
    • Slitter and special purpose machines, including vertical turret lathe, stress relieving machine, shaft insertion press, induction brazing, spot welding, and more

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Discover a workplace that allows you to start, grow, and advance your career. By offering our people competitive compensation, development programs, and comprehensive benefits and perks, we create a workplace that allows everyone to thrive. 

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