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Lamination Solutions for Superior Performance

Partner with us to receive engineering and technical support from initial design concepts to final product testing and assembly. Our team provides exceptionally engineered solutions to maximize performance, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of motors, generators, and transformers. Discover what we can engineer for you.

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering services can help you exceed expectations with advanced engineering support, metallurgical expertise, and skilled tool makers. Let us help you achieve your product development goals.

Tooling & Quality Production

Our precision tooling delivers tight tolerances, extended die life, and cost-efficient manufacturing. With in-house tool design, global tool sourcing, and fully equipped tool maintenance rooms, Tempel helps ensure your product’s a success.

Material Selection & Purchasing

Tempel is a global leader in electrical steel laminations. With more than 75 years of experience in global steel sourcing, we’ve established a reputation for expertise and reliability in sourcing, processing, and testing electrical steel.

Progressive Stamping

Minimize waste and reduce assembly costs with progressive stamping. Our team can design and build progressive tooling to meet your exact specifications, from the initial strip layout to the selection of steel and carbide components.


Our innovative annealing capabilities bring the latest technologies in electrical steel laminations to our customers. Annealing improves the magnetic performance of lower-cost materials, making them a viable alternative to more expensive high-alloy grades.

Core Assembly

Tempel's core assembly services can help you get your motors and transformers up and running faster. We offer a range of capabilities, including interlocking, gluing, welding, and bonding. We can also recommend post-stamping value-added services to improve magnetic properties.


Cut the risk of interlaminar shorts with Tempel's bonding capabilities. Offering both glue dot and full surface bonding, we can provide the ideal bonding method for your lamination cores.


Tempel's electrical steel prototyping services are the blueprint for success for any engineer or manufacturer looking to bring their next great product to market. With our help, you can quickly and easily create samples of your electrical steel components to validate the design and performance before mass production.

Die Casting

Whether in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, or other industries, Tempel’s aluminum die casting has been a cornerstone for our manufacturing facilities , offering unmatched benefits in terms of strength, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility. 

U.S. patents or foreign patents may apply to this method for the product. Please visit here for more information.

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