Welcome to Tempel China

Tempel China is a leading electrical steel stamping facility located in the center of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomerations. Our facility is strategically situated close to Shanghai and major ports, facilitating transportation logistics for both local and international markets.

Our facility is home to several workshops, including an xEV automotive workshop specializing in welding, xEV stamping, and other xEV applications. Our non-automotive workshop focuses on automotive stamping, annealing, and diecasting. We also house a stereoscopic finished goods warehouse and a precision manufacturing workshop for tooling design and fabrication. We are committed to staying at the forefront of our industry by continually investing in new technology and equipment. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services.

Explore Our Changzhou Facility

  • Our Specialized Capabilities

    • AL die casting 
    • Annealing 
    • Rapid production intent Prototyping 
    • Riveting  
    • Shaft insertion 
    • Stamping 
    • Welding  
    • Stator/Rotor Core Assembly
  • Our Product and Service Offerings

    • Automotive
      • Electric vehicle drives
      • Hybrid vehicles
      • Alternators
      • Ignition
      • Power steering
      • ABS
      • Pumps and cooling
      • Seats, window lifters, and wipers
    • Laminations for Motors and Generators
      • Industrial applications,
      • power generation,
      • oil & gas mining,
      • air moving,
      • pumps, marine,
      • HVAC
  • Our Facility Specs

    • Stamping (xEV)—high performance presses to support the e-mobility market (80–330 ton capacity) 
    • Stamping (motors)— high-performance presses dedicated to building the most reliable motor laminations
    • Welding 
    • Anneal furnace *1 
    • Die casting

Facility Certifications

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