Welcome to Tempel Chicago

 Since 1945, Tempel Chicago has been a leading manufacturer of precision magnetic steel laminations for the motor, generator, auto, and transformer industries. Beginning as a small family business, Tempel Chicago has grown into the headquarters of a globally esteemed corporation, now part of Worthington Industries (NYSE:WOR). We deliver high precision manufacturing, material sourcing, metallurgical analysis, engineering, prototyping and product design, tooling, and value-added capabilities to our customers.

Explore Our Chicago Facility

  • Our Specialized Capabilities

    • Annealing
    • Blank & Notch
    • Bonding
    • Die Casting
    • Drilling & Tapping
    • Laser Cutting
    • Stator/Rotor Core Assembly
    • Slot Paper Insertion
    • Stamping
    • Slitting
    • Welding
  • Our Product and Service Offerings

    • Wide Coil Steel
    • Slit Coil Steel
    • Progressively Stamped Laminations
    • Blank & Notch Laminations
    • Stacked Cores
    • Standard Offering & Custom Products
    • Toll Annealing
    • Aluminum Casted Rotors
  • Our Facility Specs

    • 19.59 acres of land (853,391 ft2)
    • 393,850 ft2 of manufacturing area  
    • Active presses (60–400 ton)
    • Slitting line 
    • Continuous roller hearth annealing furnaces 
    • Tool Room 

Facility Certifications

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Discover a workplace that allows you to start, grow, and advance your career. By offering our people competitive compensation, development programs, and comprehensive benefits and perks, we create a workplace that allows everyone to thrive. 

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