Material Selection and Process Testing

Our engineering expertise, selectively sourced raw materials and extensive testing combine to make a product you – and all of us at Tempel – can be proud of.

Global Steel Sourcing

As one of the largest independent purchasers of electrical steel in the world, our procurement strategy aims to:

  • Identify preferred steel suppliers who can deliver materials that meet our customer quality requirements.
  • Develop a sustainable sourcing portfolio that ensures access to uniform, high-quality steel with equivalent performance in all global regions.
  • Provide the greatest value proposition to our customers by mitigating risks for Tempel’s customers through our comprehensive supply chain management.

We offer a wide range of the highest quality materials:

Electrical Steel Sourcing Quality Assurance and Process Testing
We have one of the most comprehensive material and process testing programs in the industry. Before steel is accepted at our facilities, we use a custom-designed Gamma Tester to examine samples of each master coil to ensure that it meets our stringent cross-width thickness and shape profile standards.

Our comprehensive testing doesn’t end there. To ensure that your product is produced using superior quality materials:

  • Every wide coil of steel that enters our facilities undergoes Epstein Testing to measure its magnetic performance.
  • Incoming raw material is also evaluated for core plate coating insulation and adhesion performance, hardness and surface roughness.
  • An active product development and qualification program is observed to evaluate new steels, new suppliers and product manufacturability.This program relies on an extensive database of new material appraisals, which include steel grades from just about every electrical steel supplier in the world.

Just as critical to the performance of our finished product is our stringent process testing. Our manufacturing facilities at Changzhou, Chennai, Chicago and Mexico each meet Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) production part approval process (PPAP) submission requirements thanks to our robust process monitoring, which includes dynamic process key performance indicator (KPI) control and product audits at each process step. Through these protocols Tempel ensures that our processes are optimized and that the final product characteristics are within the customer specifications.


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