Our Mission

The trusted global leader providing highly-technical electrical steel solutions to power a sustainable future

Our Philosophy

At Tempel, we believe that people are our greatest asset, so we put them first in everything we do. We practice the Golden Rule philosophy written by the Worthington Industries founder, treating our employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders with the same respect and dignity with which we want to be treated. Our team enjoys competitive compensation, employee development programs, and above-market benefits with unique perks like tuition reimbursement and a comprehensive wellness program. Because we put people first, our safety record is more than two times better than the industry average. We don't just say we're people-first; we practice it.


We honor our heritage and embrace our future.


We’re driven to deliver for our customers.


We stretch to be the best.


We say what we mean and do what we say.


Together, we win.


One team, one dream!

Our Story

After more than 75 years as a global leader in manufacturing precision magnetic steel laminations, we remain at the forefront of innovation. We take pride in the performance and quality we build into each stack of our laminations and the unmatched electrical steel stamping solutions we provide.


Tempel Founded in Chicago, IL, USA, by Tempel J. Smith (1909–1980)


Steel Services Division established


Acquisition of BCL Magnetics in Canada


Tempel de Mexico opens in Monterrey


Acquisition of PSW Industries


Acquisition of Magnetic Metals


Acquisition of National Laminations brings opening of Tempel Changzhou in China


Tempel Chennai opens in India


Tempel Chennai expands plant


Tempel Changzhou opens Automotive Focus Factory


Tempel de Mexico opens Automotive Focus Factory


Worthington Industries acquires Tempel

Tempel at a Glance

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Experience the Innovation and Expertise of Tempel

Tempel, a Worthington Industries (NYSE: WOR) company, is a leading global manufacturer of precision magnetic steel laminations for motors, generators, and transformers used In several industries such as eMobility, energy, industrial motors, and beyond.

75+ Years of Expertise

75+ Years of Expertise

Since 1945, we've been crafting the future of the electrical steel stamping industry. Our team includes the most esteemed experts in electrical steel engineering, sourcing, technology, precision stamping, and more. We provide guidance and support to our customers to ensure that complex projects are optimized for high-performance and efficiency.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Founded in Chicago in 1945, Tempel has grown from a small family business to a global leader in the electrical steel industry. With operations in Canada, Mexico, China, India and commercial office in Europe, we continue to expand our capabilities to manage global projects and better serve our customers around the world.


Material Sourcing Experts

Through decades in the electrical steel stamping industry, we’ve honed our material sourcing and selection abilities and built long-lasting relationships with mills across the globe, giving us access to the best materials and the most competitive prices. Our expert team can help identify the best materials for any project, even the most demanding requirements.

Global Presence