Tempel (Changzhou) Stand Together to Fight 2019-nCoV

This winter is a little cold, as the 2019-nCoV is rampant in China. This smokeless war affects the hearts of every Chinese. But to welcome the coming spring, Tempel(Changzhou) has taken actions to prevent and control epidemic for the resumption of production. We believe that winter will pass soon, and warm spring is coming to us...

When 2019-nCoV comes, We respond quickly

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the 2019-nCoV came furiously. Confirmed cases were found throughout the country. The National emergency command immediately started Emergency first-level response procedure; the situation is very serious.

Under the leadership of James Zhang, GM of Tempel (Changzhou), the company management quickly established the emergency team and started the emergency plan. On Jan.27th, James Zhang sent the first guide file to all staff on epidemic prevention and control “Post-holiday coronavirus control measures”, established guidelines for epidemic prevention that every employee’s safety and health are in the first place, made clear that the HR&Admin department is the leading department for epidemic prevention and emergency control, and other departments are implementation departments. He also guided employees on self-protection during the Spring Festival and the enterprise's response measures when employees come back to work. The release of the email fired the first shot in the battle against the 2019-nCoV.

Let’s review the action timelines of Tempel(Changzhou) takes to the 2019-nCoV.

  • On Jan.27th, In response to the national policy, the company issued a notice “on the extension of the Spring Festival holiday”.

  • On Jan.27th, the company set up epidemic prevention material reserve working group. In the face of the extreme shortage of emergency supplies on the market, the working group mobilized various resources and successfully completed the material reserve task in early February: 5,400 masks, 20 sets of protective suits, 6 temperature-measuring guns, 10 barrels of 5L hand sanitizer, 4 barrels of 50 kg disinfectant and 6 solid mask waste barrels. And follow up monitoring inventory replenishment in time.

  • On Jan.28th, In response to the government policy, the company issued a notice “Resumption of production was delayed again”.

  • On Jan.29th, the company issued “Handbook for the prevention of 2019-nCoV” and “Knowledge manual on pneumonia prevention and control of 2019-nCoV” and organized online learning for all the employees.

  • On Feb.3rd, the company started employee’s track checking, comprehensively know and evaluate employees’ health status.

  • On Feb.6th, applied for approval to Sanjing Street about the whole employees’ track.

  • On Feb.7th, arranged the disinfection of canteen and public areas.

  • On Feb.9th, actively follow the requirements of the government, submitted the application for resumption of work, and formulated the “work plan for resumption of work”. James Zhang led the team to fully expand the epidemic prevention work of the guard, office area, toilet, production area, canteen and changing room before the resumption of work. All the requirements were completed at 20:30.

  • On Feb.9th, issued “Employees homeoffice notice” and “Enforcement regulations for 2019-nCoV prevention and control of Tempel(Changzhou)”, and organized online learning and work guide before the resumption of work for all the employees.

  • On Feb.10th, passed the on-site verification of Sanjing Street, Xinbei District.

  • On Feb.10th, the company issued “Technical guidelines for the prevention and control of the 2019-nCoV in industrial enterprises in Jiangsu Province” and “The countermeasures against 2019-nCoV after resumption of work”, made preparation for the resumption.

  • On Feb.11th, the company has officially resumed work.

On Feb.11th, the turning point of 2019-nCoV had not yet arrived, but Tempel has resumed work. As a key enterprise in industrial park, we were one of the first batch of enterprises in Xinbei District to resume work, which was the government's affirmation of our prevention work, and also the embodiment of our enterprise strength in the brutal competition. However, opportunities and challenges go together. We should not only show our value and advantages in front of customers, but also make every effort to win the battle of 2019-nCoV prevention and ensure the health and safety of every employee.

The "five Strengthen" requirements shall be strictly implemented after resumption of work

Strengthening personnel management

  1. Strictly carry out daily temperature monitoring and registration. The company shall take the temperature of all employees before entering the factory and before going off work, so as to know the physical conditions of employees in real time and report the abnormal situation in time. EHS collects temperature record and reports them to the street daily.


  1. Strictly implement the site closed management. Close the north guard employee passage, entrance and exit from the west guard uniformly. Employees are not allowed to go out during working time. Strictly control the monitoring and registration of visitors, those who do not meet the conditions are forbidden to enter the factory.

  2. We will strictly implement the "three non-harmful measures" for 2019-nCoV prevention. Wear mask properly, prevent virus invasion, I do not harm myself; Keep a safe distance of more than one meter from colleagues. I will not hurt others. All employees supervise each other, remind and correct incorrect behaviors timely, and protect themselves from being hurt by others.

  3. Temporarily cancelling smoking areas in the factory and banning smoking throughout the factory, so as to reduce the risk of virus transmission and protect the health of workers.



Strengthen dining management

  1. Centralized meal arrangement and check the meal supply channels and qualifications. Canteen staff need to hold a health certificate, and personal activity track should meet the requirements of the resumption of work. When delivering food, all the canteen staff need wear masks, take temperature and make registration at the guard.

  2. Take meal in batches. In order to reduce the risk of tableware safety, the canteen provides disposable tableware. All personnel entering the canteen should enter from the west gate and leave from the north gate. Office staff eat in their respective office intervals, production workshop staff strictly control the number of people and seat distance, in order to avoid cross-infection.

Strengthening health management

  1. Stop using air conditions in workshop and office areas, strengthen ventilation.

  2. Cleaners are arranged to disinfect the office area, toilet, guard, hall, shuttle bus, passageway, staircase and changing room professionally twice a day, and disinfect the canteen area professionally once a meal to ensure the healthy and safe working and living environment.

  1. Centralized collection of kitchen garbage, designated storage of discarded masks, daily disinfection of garbage cans.

Strengthen publicity and education, create a good atmosphere

  1. Visual management to create a good atmosphere for 2019-nCoV prevention. The company post and broadcast the company's 2019-nCoV prevention system, prevention work flow and prevention safety tips and other measures in the guard, office hall, toilet, conference room, publicity column, canteen, workshop display screen and other places to strengthen the prevention work publicity and create a good atmosphere.

  1. Strengthen the 2019-nCoV protection knowledge and the company's policies and regulations of publicity through email, WeChat and other channels.

  2. During the emergency period, the company also temporarily cancelled the operation morning meeting, production team meeting, and a series of training activities. Instead, efficient video/teleconferencing and full-staff promotion of the enterprise version of the online learning course. At the same time, the company tried to open a home office management mode for office staff, so that the office staff in other places can also deal with work matters timely.

  1. Follow up the local government's policy of work resumption in time every day, communicate with employees who haven't returned to work one by one, pay attention and update employees’ health status, and ensure that every employee can return to work smoothly.

Strengthening emergency management

  1. The company has set up an emergency headquarters with James Zhang as the commander in chief and will monitor all employees’ health status every day after returning to work. Once there is any abnormal employee (excessive temperature), we will immediately arrange him in the isolation room of the company for isolation observation according to the procedures, and report to the street emergency headquarters, so as to minimize the impact and loss.

2019-nCoV is very cruel, but Tempel has love!

At present, the provincial epidemic prevention emergency command has adjusted the first level emergency response to the second response, 2019-nCoV prevention work has achieved phased results. In the face of the epidemic, all the employees of Tempel twisted into a rope, deploy scientifically, implement efficiently, carry out production and epidemic prevention work in an orderly manner. After the resumption of work, we have successfully passed four times work site inspection.

The good performance of the company is inseparable from James Zhang’s correct leadership, also inseparable from the joint efforts of all staff. At the same time, we also have the support of some teams and individuals, special thanks to:

  1. The Mexican factory sponsored 3 forehead thermometers and over 1000 masks! There are more than 2,000 masks on the way;

  1. The Indian factory had planned to sponsor 3,000 surgical masks but failed to deliver them due to Indian government policy.

  2. Guards, cleaners work hard on temperature monitoring and environmental disinfection!

  1. Newman Niu, Tammy Guo and Xiaojun Wang take their forehead thermometers to the company, meet the emergency use!

  2. Gary Yang cooperated to follow up all the procedure before the resumption, and provide great help!

  3. IT provides technological support to the colleagues who work at home.

  4. The JTS company kindly sponsored 600 south Korean imported masks and drove them to the Changzhou Factory directly.

Under the careful arrangement and intimate care of the management of Tempel (Changzhou), with every employee’s cooperation and support, we win the war "2019-nCoV" can be expected soon.

The end of this winter is a little warm. Winter has gone, warm spring will come. Till another day, when all things come to life, we will take off masks and breathe freely!


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