Satisfying your efficiency needs.

In addition to our transformer and lighting laminations offerings, our experts can help you meet efficiency requirements by recommending the most efficient materials, and the widest variety of industry standard tooling, including scrapless HID lighting tooling.

As one of the largest global buyers of electrical steel, we also maintain large inventories at competitive prices, including prime slit coils and cut-to-length sheets. 

Standard Offering Catalogue


Transformer End Markets

  • Battery Chargers
  • Consumer Products
  • Lighting
  • Slit Steel
  • Medical
  • Power Control & Distribution
  • Security
  • DG Cores

Transformer Products

From DG Core to Slit Coil, Transformer laminations to Flat products, our transformer products are made with precision to meet your specifications.

DG Core

We manufacture a full line of distributed gapped cores for use in dry power and oil filled transformer where efficiency expectations of finished cores are expected to approach those of unprocessed electrical steel. Often, these cores are integrated in high efficiency applications including distribution and general purpose systems with a flexible design typology to meet specific requirements.

Transformer Laminations

The transformer laminations we offer are available in a number of standard gauges and grades to meet standard application requirements. These laminations can also be manufactured to the grade of our customers' choosing. 

In addition, standard laminations sizes may be available in different hole sizes or center leg gaps that may not be listed in our standard offerings. We can also precision manufacture tooling to stamp all manner of shapes and sizes of laminations as well as provide laser cut prototype laminations to assist in your product development.

Slit Coil

We offer a wide selection of steel grades and gauges to optimize both operational parameters and value. The material classification is by gauge and maximum core loss. Our applications engineers can also assist you in selecting the most appropriate steel for your products depending on the applications.