Value-Added Benefits, Core Assembly

Our core assembly and value-added services are available to customers who want to improve their project’s overall process cycle time, while reducing equipment and labor costs.

More specifically, our value-added production allows motor manufacturers to focus on core competencies in motor assembly while reducing process complexity. It also facilitates reduced cycle times and improved flexibility for its customers, positioning them to better meet ever-changing customer requirements.

Core Assembly and Value-Added Services Include:

Blank & Notch 

  • Special design blanks for rotors and stators, segment laminations for large power generators

  • Automated and manual Notching equipment that stamps rotor and stator laminations concurrently

  • Single-hit Stamping 

Die Casting
We produce aluminum die-cast rotors for a wide variety of specifications with a high degree of precision. Advanced aluminum quality control, conductivity measurement and hydrogen saturation inspection ensure best conductivity and porosity. Our Die Casting value-added services include, quenching, ID reaming and burnishing, and OD grinding.

Through a joint venture partner, Tempel can also offer access to copper die-casting for especially demanding or high efficiency induction motor applications.

MIG Welding
Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and gas metal arc welding-pulse (GMAW-P) – consumable electrode using a wire feeder.

TIG Welding
Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and gas tungsten arc welding-pulse (GTAW-P) – non-consumable electrode.

Plasma Arc Welding
Plasma arc welding (PAW) - non-consumable electrode. 

Deburring and Recoating
Primarily used for generator segment laminations.


Vent Lamination Assembly
Includes laser cut laminations, fixture-cut “I” beams or flat bars, position and spot welding to lamination using resistance welding machine with servo driven copper table. 

Thermoplastic Encapsulation
Tempel supports a number of lamination products that require thermoplastic encapsulation and has identified strategic suppliers for thermoplastic encapsulated products. Thermopastic encapsulation allows high stacking factors to be obtained, improved magnetics (in the case where unitization via interlocking is eliminated), simplification of production Stamping tools and customized thermoplastic encapsulation resins that can facilitate thermal transfer. 



Large Diameter Welded Seam Laminations
Customer Advantages:

  • Single piece laminations 

  • Utilizes less material than traditional segmented stator and conventional blank and notch designs

  • Eliminates split lines between the stator segments which can result in higher outputs and/or reduced core heights

  • Requires less labor to assemble than segmented stators.

  • Less complex stator core assembly as the core inner and outer diameter are determined by the lamination, not the fixture



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