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Accelerate into the Future with Tempel's High Precision Electrical Steel Laminations!

As the world embraces the electrification of transportation on a global scale, the demand for electric-powered motors and transformers has reached unprecedented heights. This paradigm shift represents not only an opportunity for innovation in power-train motors and charging stations but also a challenge to meet the exacting technological demands for vehicle performance.

At Tempel, we rise to this challenge with our high precision electrical steel laminations, meticulously engineered for traction motors and transformers across diverse electric vehicle applications. Our laminations not only meet but exceed the most stringent performance requirements, ensuring that your electric vehicles deliver unmatched efficiency, power, and reliability.

Discover the Advantages of Tempel's High Precision Electrical Steel Laminations:

  • Reduce product supply cycles
  • Maximize electrical steel quality
  • Decrease overall system costs
  • Achieve unparalleled performance and reliability
  • Streamline product cycle times

Join us in driving the future of e-mobility forward. Choose Tempel for precision, performance, and innovation that powers the next generation of electric vehicles.





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